What is the Video Mapping 3d


The 3d Video Mapping is a projection technique that turns any type of surface in a dynamic display. It consists of a set of animations and images created through combinations of lights and projected, for instance, on a building facade. The final outlook is a kind of large 3D scene providing the illusion of seeing a building staggering or a hotel collapsing. Mapped projections are very intense and captivating shows obtained by making video contents interact with various types of surfaces, ranging from the historic or industrial buildings (monumental projections) to vehicles (car mapping) up to even a small plastic waterbottle or a clock (micro mapping). The key point is that the projected content is specifically designed to interact with the geometry of the chosen surface, and here is where the 3d comes into play. The fulfillment of the project starts from the choice of the mappable surface with reference to the creative concept beyond it. Big brands and companies, advertising campaigns have taken advantage of video mapping to involve viewers in a unique event. The merger between the building morphology and animation is of prime importance: by starting from the technical and architectural carachteristics (like windows, arches, doors, columns, balconies…) it is possible to design something we may well recognize as art. The facade changes into a big stage experimenting new visual solutions where video effects, colors, lights and sounds turn real buildings into virtual animations. A careful evaluation of the size, the colours and the type of materials is fundamental to the choice of the mappable surface, so as to obtain the best final result. All of these variables are also essential to choose a range of professional projectors to suit to the situation, both in terms of power, size of the projection and positioning. The final phase lies in the actual development of contents (both audio and video), the definition of the task and the recognition of the deadlines (which are usually narrow). The main technologies that come into play in a mapping project are essentially two: the projectors and content creation software. In practical terms, the team is usually composed of two key competence which is respectively connected to professionals who manage the creative part (content) and those who take care of the technical one (projectors). The stronger the experience and synergy are between the parts the more the mapping will be spectacular and above all innovative; as a matter of fact the technique of projection mapping makes real objects come to life. Ultimately for us it is a fascinating show where architecture is brought into being by giving rise to amazing

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